2009 China International Forum of Fluoroplastics Processing and Development Was Held Sucessfully 
in Wuxi

2009 China international forum of fluoroplastics processing and development was held by China Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee on November 5-6th 2009 in Landison Plaza Hotel Wuxi Jiangsu province. The domestic related enterprises and foreign delegates from German, Japan, America, Swiss, Belgium and India have joined the forum. On opening ceremony, the director-general, Zhuang Su, made the opening speech. The president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao Zhengpin, made a ebullient speech. The planning division comprehensive department ministry of industry and information technology, Wang Jianzhong, wrote a congratulatory letter for the forum and wish this forum a very successful conference. The ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Dr. Michael Schlipf, came to this forum and gave a incisive presentation for European fluoroplastics processing update and development trends. The Secretary-general of Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee Chen Sheng made suggestions for the development of Chinese fluoroplastics industry. The special consultant of Japanese Valqua Industry, Dr Robert Ro and Professor of Chung Yuan Christian University also made wonderful speeches.

Delegates showed their keen interests in the rich content of this forum. The speeches ranged over the property and application of PTFE raw materials, processing and application of melt-processible resin, the manufacturing technology and application of PVDF backing plates, e-PTFE plates and super wide PTFE sheet, introduction of fluoromaterial film and PTFE micro-powder, study on the modification and coloring technique of PTFE. In addition delegates have played an active part in discussion for the environmental protection industry, an atmosphere of warm joyful prevailed at the meeting-room. 

Zhejiang juhua Co., Ltd Fluor-polymeric Plant, Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Huaao Technology Development Co., Ltd, Niflon Laboratories (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd, Wuxi Xiangjian PTFE Product Co., Ltd, and Benxi Huari Fluoroplastics Product Factory held a outside exhibition in the forum and achieved good results.

On the evening of November 5th: Celebrating dinner. 
On the afternoon of November 6th: Visit for Lingshan Buddhist Palace. 
The rich and colorful activities have promoted friendship and strengthened understanding among delegates.

The delegates have expressed that this forum was another leap of China Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee, it played an active role in the development of Chinese fluoroplastics industry during the recent economic crisis, and laid a solid foundation for expand international exchanges and cooperation.